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Band / Artist Support Program

Support Heavy Metal Musicians

5% of your order value is given to any artist of your choosing.

How does it work?

We’ll Match 5% Of Your Order Value And Pay It Out To Your Favorite Artist

Whenever you make a purchase from our store, you will be given the opportunity to select a band of your choosing.

Whilst we love the big guys, we’d much prefer that you chose a local artist you like, the gesture will be appreciated a little more!

Your chosen band will be the recipient of 5% of your order value paid out in cash.

Once your order has been submitted we will go through your order to see who you’ve chosen, if we can’t figure it out we will get in touch with you for a bit more info.

Any orders that are cancelled or refunded will have their band pledge forfeited for obvious reasons. To prevent anyone trying to pull a shifty, there will be a 45 day pause period from the date of payment before any payouts are made. This is to prevent anyone from taking advantage of the system.

Once the 45 day period has passed we will make contact with your chosen artist to work out the best way for them to receive the funds.

Do I Need To Sign Up?

Nope. You don’t need to put in any extra effort at all.

During checkout there is a field to input your favorite artist, simple type away. If we’re not sure who you’re referring to then we’ll reach out to you.

After the 45 day period has passed we will then reach out to your artist to make the arrangements 🙂

Are There Any Fees?

No. It’s simply 5% of your order value (excluding shipping). The end user may receive payment processing fees depending on the gateway used.

Do I Have To Pick A Band?

No. The checkout field is empty, if you don’t put anything in then it will be ignored and business as usual.

Can I Change My Mind?

Yes, just shoot us an email at before the 45 day period has passed and we will be happy to change your artist.

I’m In A Band, What Can You Do For Me?

Go check out our artist sponsorship page 😉

Got A Question?

You can reach us on or use the contact form below.

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