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Grave Rewards

Any of the living who show loyalty to the undead morgue dwellers will be rewarded with untold riches.
And when we say untold riches, we mean discounts & free clothes on our website.

So, how do we earn these so called “untold riches”

Join the FTM list of followers

Just because we’re a legion of undead morgue dwellers doesn’t mean we don’t have a mailing list.

Joining our mailing list will not only hook you up with whatever instant discount or deadly deal we have incentive’s it at that time, but you will also hear first hand about new drops & promotions.

Create an account

If you create an account with us, even if you don’t purchase anything, you will earn an instant introductory 1000 reward point bonus.

Reward points can be exchanged for discounts or freebies, more on that below.

Order some horrifying apparel

Who woulda guessed it, if you buy shit from us we’ll reward you with loyalty points!  Currently, for every $1 spent you will earn 100 points. These points can be redeemed for discounts and freebies according to the info below.

Grave Points

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Points Earned
Points Spent
Join Our Mailing ListN/A N/A
Create An Account1000N/A
Review A Product1000N/A
Send Us Photos With FTM Products2500N/A
Make A Purchase100 Points Earned For Every $1 Spent (Product value minus any coupons)N/A
Make A Purchase with PointsN/AExchange 1000 Points For $1 Off Your Order

In the long run, it basically works out that you save / accrue a 10% discount for shopping with us. This can later be used to either discount your next order or pay for it entirely if you have enough points. On occasion we will run other reward programs to come up with unique ways to earn or spend points.

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